ProGuard SL Filter


The ProGuard SL cartridge is designed to prevent Lime and Scale build up in beverage equipment like Coffee Urns. The SL cartridge is the perfect solution for potable water treatment applications. This product contains polyphosphate beads that dissolves at a controlled concentration to prevent scale formation and corrosion. Typically, a concentration of Food Grade Phosphate dissolves at threshold levels of 0.5-5.0ppm polyphosphate will inhibit scale and corrosion. Product lifetime is approximately 6 months or longer (Depending on Use). The active ingredients has been certified under NSF/ANSI Standard 42: Drinking Water Treatment Units-Aesthetic Effects and NSF/ANSI Standard 60: Drinking Water Treatment Chemicals-Health Effects, for use in potable water systems at concentrations up to 14 mg/L (MUL) PO4.

Quality You Can Taste

  • Comprehensive in house continuous quality monitoring and testing
  • Media is NSF/ANSI Component Certified
  • Forms a protective coating on all metal surfaces, safeguarding against acidity/alkalinity, hardness, chloride and other factors which effect the corrosion of water equipment and pipes
  • Repeated cert verification testing for Prop 65 compliance


Operating Pressure: 20 psig (1.38 bar) – 125 psig (8.62 bar)
Operating Temperature: 40º F (4º C) – 125º F (52º C)
Fit standard 10” drop in housing


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years from the date of manufacture whichever occurs first, (at which time the filter must be removed and replaced with a new one),
beyond which Hydro-Flow is absolved of any and all liability for any use of the product. In the event of a defect or non-conformity,
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